ORIGIN – Audiovisual: Una reflexión sobre el transcurso, el origen y el destino.
From the Album «Mösting 3º12’S 5º12’O
Music > Miguel Jaubert + Video > Rodrigo Cornejo
Una producción de Anaga Classics, con música de Miguel Jaubert y Video de Rodrigo Cornejo. Con distribución Internacional ya obtuvo su primer reconocimiento.

Origin is an audiovisual piece made on original music composed and performed by Miguel Jaubert, which seeks to portray a special moment in our most recent history. A pulse that enters the entire work and that also marks the step towards a future or a past, a path, and a reflection on the course that we do not know if it is a round trip.

Silver Seal Winner in MIFA 2021 Moscow International Foto Awards

Honorable Mention in IPA 2021 International Photography Awards
Los Angeles, California

Bronze Medal in TIFA 2021 Tokio International Foto Awards