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Miguel Jaubert
& David's Pianosound




In this first work, David’s Pianosound and Miguel Jaubert come together to make an album, uniting two languages, two instruments and two ways of seeing music and life. A Spaniard in the Canary Islands, and an Italian living in London, each with their own roots. More than a year composition and continuous revision. The result: TRUTHLY, an album of seven songs that invoke feelings, images and emotions: Tolting, root, unstoppable, the secret of the island, homesickness, light before darkness and Youth, are its titles. For this first project they have used resources such as orchestra, voices and textures, in addition to cello and piano, to give direction and color, making the recordings in their own studios. A job done with love, much care and dedication. A very visual music that reaches the soul, awakens all the senses and that they want to share. They TRULY want to be a gateway to hope, joy and peace.

Track listing (Album)
  1. Tolting 4:02
  2. Roots 4:06     
  3. Unstoppable 3:01
  4. The secret of the island 1:02
  5. Homesickness 4:02
  6. Light before darkness 4:49
  7. Youth 5:48
Recording Date:    December 20 – MAY 22 Release Date:     20 AUGUST 2022 Producer, DAVID´S  PIANOSOUND – MIGUEL JAUBERT Mixer and Mastering Engineer: MIGUEL JAUBERT Record at  THE ROOM, Tenerife , Canary Island and SE Studio, London Publisher:  Anaga Classics

Cello player, self-taught guitarist and composer. He studied with Lluis Claret and Raphael Wallfisch. He has been a member of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and has belonged and composed for dance groups, theater, contemporary music, alternative, jazzrock, fusion, multimedia, audiovisual … He has a large number of recordings of his own songs in CDs and other formats. He is currently Vice Principal and cello teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música Canarias, Tenerife and also artistic director of  the label and record platform Anaga Classics. He is a member of the group Major Tom Project, Iki-Gai Tube with Axu Peña. He is currently immersed in the projects; MÖSTING, cello, Sissi del Castillo percussion and Rodrigo Cornejo Visuals, a duo with Reaasri, singer from Malaysia and the latest project with the soprano Raquel Lojendio.

He was born in Turin (Italy) on June 18, 1978 and started playing the piano at the age of fourteen.
He studied classical music for the first six years at the School of Music of the “Civic Music Institute of Alba” (Italy) and 2 years later at the A.Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria (Italy).
Later he took a jazz course at the Music School of Asti (Italy) for a year.
At the same time that he studied at the conservatory, he explored different genres such as pop, rock, folk, blues, funk and Latin music… Over the years he performed in various bands in pubs, squares and various cities from northern Italy.
He moved to London in 2012, where he began his songwriting career.
On his YouTube channel, a video playing his arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones in public on the piano at St. Pancras station, went viral with millions of views and began to make him popular worldwide. He also won a new digital piano in a contest.
In July 2017, he released his first album at the same time that his daughter Grace Elizabeth was born. Fun fact: The name of the album “The Birth” signifies the birth of her daughter and the birth of a new life in her career.
He also released a second album, “The Path”, seven months later.
He is immensely proud to say that his compositions are played on the radio around the world and are available on the most popular digital platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google, Spotify, Deezer and many others.
Today he dedicates his life to composing music and playing in his presentations and concerts.
During the Enlighten Piano Radio Awards nominations ceremony, he had his own concert at the Berlin Philharmonie Hall on October 3, 2018. The last show was at Piano City Napoli, on April 6 and 7, 2019.